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Attack and Defense

At adares, avoiding legal disputes through competent and forward-looking advice is a speciality. Often, amicable solutions that give fair consideration to the economic interests of both parties are more efficient than lengthy legal proceedings.

If a dispute cannot be avoided, a strategy must be developed with careful attention to the relevant circumstances and laws. We will help you analyze the potential legal scenarios, risks, and costs to determine whether your priority is saving time, profit, or image. At adares, your profitability undergirds every discussion.

In case of infringement of an intellectual property right - such as a patent or a trademark - or violation of the demands of fair competition, you can rely on our sound ability to represent your interests with all appropriate legal means. Notices, preliminary injunctions and lawsuits are proven means of prosecution. In these areas in particular, adares sets a high value on detail-oriented work to achieve a better result for you.